With your Donations, you can help us keep our players equipped and ready for game day, and below is a list of some items so that you know exactly what you are contributing to. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated, the numbers below just help you to understand how your donations will be used.


$25-One half of a box of field tape, or a pair of practice pants

$50-One football, one box of field tape, game pants, or one face-mask

$75-Lower level jersey

$100-Varsity game jersey,or a blocking shield

$150-Transportation for coaches

$200-Shoulder pads


$500-One half of the cost of a bus ride to our away games

$750-1 Uniform/Practice and game

$1000-1 Round trip bus ride/Video Equipment

$1250-Weight equipment

$1500-Squat racks

$2500-Tackling Sled

$5000-Blocking Sled